Approved Trips

This is the complete list of approved trips to Israel. Choose the trip of your choice and your cost is either $200 or FREE depending on the program you choose. Other scholarship options and internship opportunities are available as well.*

$200 Options

The following trips combine travel, fun, and some Jewish study. They are the perfect follow-up to a Birthright experience and cost only $200 with your Olami Inspire Israel travel voucher. Spots are limited, so apply as soon as you are accepted.
Israel 2.0 
The Akiva Trip (the Israel trip only, not Poland)
Odyssey (Texas students only)
Israel Recharge 

FREE Options

The following trips are more study-oriented than the trips listed above and they are FREE with your Olami Inspire Israel travel voucher (flight included). You must participate for at least 3 weeks on one of these programs in order to use your voucher (if you don’t have time this summer, save your voucher for the winter break). Many of these programs are yeshiva-style and therefore gender specific, please make sure you check out each program carefully before you apply!
JLE Connect 
Meor Vision 

Free Tuition and $1,000 Towards Flight

Jewel YP (You receive $1,000 toward flight and your cost for tuition is $650)

Generous Flight Scholarship Options

If you are interested in a yeshiva or seminary experience, generous flight scholarships are available for students who want to study at the following programs.
A monthly stipend may be available for students enrolled for 3 months or more.
Midreshet Rachel 
Darche Noam (Shapell’s) 
Ohr Somayach
Machon Yaakov 
Machon Shlomo 
Aish HaTorah 

Internship Options

Join one of our exciting internship programs in Israel and receive $600 towards your flight. Total cost for the two month J-Internship program in Israel is only $399 in Jerusalem and $599 in Tel Aviv.
Way More Israel 
ALT Israel 

*Acceptance to an Israel program is not guaranteed and is determined exclusively by the particular program you apply to. Each program is unique and has its own criteria.
Your Israel trip voucher specifically goes to cover flight and program tuition ONLY.
Depending on the program you are accepted to, you may need to travel to a hub (like New York or LA) on your own. The Israel trip voucher can not be used to cover additional flights to a hub airport or any other travel or trip-related costs. Some programs may require a refundable deposit to hold your spot; that you purchase travel insurance; or that you pay toward tips or other additional fees. Check with the individual tour provider for details. These costs are not covered by your Olami Inspire Israel trip voucher.
Please note: in addition to Israel, some partnering organizations offer trips to places like Poland, Spain, Costa Rica, and other locations. Your Israel trip voucher is good for Israel trips only